Saturday, February 25, 2012

The March Hare, March 6-12 Newfoundland

Dear Newfoundlanders, I'm going on tour with the March Hare. So excited to be coming to Atlantic Canada. I've never been east of Montreal and I can't wait to see old friends and meet some new ones too. Look out St. John's, Cornerbrook and Gander. I'll be at the following venues (I'm reading at a Masonic temple even):

East Hare

Masonic Temple, St John’s
Wednesday 7 March, 8:00
Karl Parkinson, Elizabeth Bachinsky, Danielle Devereaux, Alexander MacLeod, Pamela Morgan, Donna Morrissey, Matthew Byrne, and Des Walsh

Eric’s Time

The Hotel Gander, Gander
Thursday 8 March, 7:00
Elizabeth Bachinsky, Kevin Blackmore, Gary Collins, Tom Dawe, Nuala Kennedy Trio, Sheldon McBreairty & Kenny Campbell, Karl Parkinson, Dave Paddon, Andrew O’Brien, Matthew Byrne, Craig Francis Power, and Leslie Vryenhoek.

Grenfell Reading

Memorial University, Grenfell Campus, Corner Brook
Friday 9 March, 12:30
Elizabeth Bachinsky, Wayne Muggridge, Karl Parkinson

Pittman’s Fancy

The Legion, Corner Brook
Saturday 10 March, 8:00
Elizabeth Bachinsky, Stan Dragland, Matthew Byrne, Adrian Fowler, Alexander MacLeod, Donna Morrissey, Nuala Kennedy Trio, Andrew O’Brien, Dave Paddon, and the “new poet”