Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Hottest Book Tour in Recorded History

The Hottest Summer in Recorded History is here! I'm headed out on tour with so many awesome writers (yay!), so look out for us in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Guelph this Spring. Buy a copy online from Nightwood Editions, look for it at Chapters, order it in to your local bookstore, or buy it online at Hope to see you on the road!

April 13, 7:45pm
Nightwood Launch (Vancouver)
The Western Front
303 East 8th Street
Vancouver, BC
with Brad Cran & Jay MillAr

April 18, 7pm
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly
Rue 211 Bernard Ouest
Montreal, PQ
with Tamara Faith Berger & Amber Dawn
Hosted by Daniel Allen Cox

April 20, 5:30-7:30pm
Nightwood Launch (Toronto)
268 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, ON
with Brad Cran, Blaise Moritz & Jay MillAr

April 21, 2pm
Glad day BookShop
598 Yonge Street
3rd Floor Event Space
Toronto, ON
with Tamara Faith Berger, Amber Dawn 
& Vivek Shraya

April 22, 7pm
The Bookshelf
41 Quebec Street
Guelph, ON
with Tamara Faith Berger, Amber Dawn 
& Vivek Shraya. Hosted by Andrew Hood

Friday, March 1, 2013

I Don't Feel So Good!

How delightful. Some reviews have come in for I Don't Feel So Good. Check them out!

The Georgia Straight, by Jacqueline Turner

The Winnipeg Free Press, by Jonathan Ball

Rob Mclennan's Blog, by Rob McLennan

I'm grateful when people take the time to read, think about, and than actually respond to any of my books, especially when the venues for book reviews are fewer every year. I especially appreciated Jacqueline Turner's comment in The Georgia Straight"Lots of writers would edit back the parts that were less stellar, but Bachinsky’s approach of choosing lines from her journals based on the roll of a die means she forces herself to include everything, and thus her writing seems authentic. The points where lines collide are actually pretty interesting...".  

I think I said exactly the same thing after I  finished writing I Don't Feel So Good: It's actually pretty interesting.... I really wasn't sure what the outcome or effect of the process would be when I started the project, so when the book turned out to be so funny and strangely connected, I was surprised and pleased. 

I also appreciate that Jonathan Ball found the book "hilarious." The book is funny...and I feel like I can say that without sounding like too much of an egotist because I can't really take credit for any funniness that happens. That was all left to chance.

So, if you want to laugh a bit and support a good cause, get yourself a copy of I Don't Feel So Good. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund Society, which supports young artists. We've already raised enough money to send three kids to Summer Jazz Dance Camp at next summer. Right on.

And, just because she's adorable. Here's Lena Dunham, laughing. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Don't Feel So Good Launches November 17

Hi There. I'll be launching I Don't Feel So Good (BookThug, 2012) with Dina Del Bucchia and musical guests Jamie Cullen, Morgan Greenwood, and TOTAL ICE. All proceeds from the night and the sale of the print run go to the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund Society, a scholarship fund for young artists. Chris Reimer was an immensely talented young musician who was taken from his family in 2012 at the tragically young age of 26. Known and loved throughout the world for his spellbinding guitar work in Azeda Booth and Women and as a touring guitarist for The Dodos, Chris was also a dancer, artist, photographer and writer. The Chris Reimer Legacy Fund Society is a collective of Chris' closest friends and family who have banded together to keep his spirit alive. It is their hope that his art and generosity will live on through their work. For more info, visit our Facebook Page. Hope to see you November 17. xo

Friday, October 12, 2012

Initiation Trilogy, Oct 15-28

Initiation Trilogy is almost here. Find out more about the show here and here. Hope to see you there!

Initiation Trilogy
When: Oct. 15 to 28
Where: 1405 Anderson Street
Tickets: $26 at or 604-629-8849

Electric Company returns to Vancouver with Initiation Trilogy, a three-part experiential and physical journey that blends the quality of a mini-festival with the sense of privately receiving a gift made just for you...

by Marita Dachsel
Created with Kevin Kerr, Naomi Sider, and director Anita Rochon.
Starring Emma Lindsay, Wendy Morrow Donaldson, Jennifer Paterson, Haig Sutherland, and Colleen Wheeler. Animated with France Perras, Quelemia Sparrow and Adrienne Wong. 
Based on poetry collections by Marita Dachsel, Elizabeth Bachinsky, and Jennica Harper. Projection Design by Cande Andrade. Lighting Design by Jonathan Ryder.  Scenography by Naomi Sider and Pam Johnson.  Sound Design by Owen Belton.  Choreography by Natalie LeFebvre Gnam.  Stage Management by David Warburton with Assistant Stage Manager Stacy Sherlock and Apprentice Stage Manager Linsey Callaghan. Produced by Nathan Medd with Jessie van Rijn and Jennifer Swan.
Premiering October 15-28 2012 around Granville Island at the 25th Vancouver Writers Fest. Presented with Boca del Lupo's Micro Performance Series.  Supported by the BC Arts Council Innovations Program, the Vancouver Foundation, the Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation, Ocean Construction, CMHC Granville Island, Resounding Scream Theatre, and the Dockside Restaurant.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I Don't Feel So Good

I Don't Feel So Good has arrived in the BookThug warehouse! This limited edition collection is comprised of material selected from the handwritten journals and notes of Elizabeth Bachinsky (A.K.A. me) from 1986-2012. Lines and passages were selected by the roll of a die and appear in the order the die saw fit. The BookThug catalogue says, "In blending confessional and procedural techniques with disjunctive chronology and random chance, this book explores and exacerbates possibilities of the narrative mode both within the text and for the reader. Not so much 'written' as 'received.'" OK! Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund Society, so please contact BookThug to order your copy as soon as possible. Apparently they are going fast. Lots of love. Liz xo

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Under-City: Writing The Suburban World

The Creative Writing Department at Kwantlen invites you to a day of panel discussions, workshops and readings on what it means to be a suburban writer or to write about the suburbs. I'll be reading tonight with David Chariandy Sept 27, 6pm, at the Cedar building at Kwantlen 12666 72nd Avenue, Surrey, BC. Come on out and hear  about the suburban Island Telly Savalas owned in the 80s, what it's like to behold the vistas of your hometown from the window of a commuter train, and what the teen moms at the Valley Fair Mall have been up to all these years. See you!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The March Hare, March 6-12 Newfoundland

Dear Newfoundlanders, I'm going on tour with the March Hare. So excited to be coming to Atlantic Canada. I've never been east of Montreal and I can't wait to see old friends and meet some new ones too. Look out St. John's, Cornerbrook and Gander. I'll be at the following venues (I'm reading at a Masonic temple even):

East Hare

Masonic Temple, St John’s
Wednesday 7 March, 8:00
Karl Parkinson, Elizabeth Bachinsky, Danielle Devereaux, Alexander MacLeod, Pamela Morgan, Donna Morrissey, Matthew Byrne, and Des Walsh

Eric’s Time

The Hotel Gander, Gander
Thursday 8 March, 7:00
Elizabeth Bachinsky, Kevin Blackmore, Gary Collins, Tom Dawe, Nuala Kennedy Trio, Sheldon McBreairty & Kenny Campbell, Karl Parkinson, Dave Paddon, Andrew O’Brien, Matthew Byrne, Craig Francis Power, and Leslie Vryenhoek.

Grenfell Reading

Memorial University, Grenfell Campus, Corner Brook
Friday 9 March, 12:30
Elizabeth Bachinsky, Wayne Muggridge, Karl Parkinson

Pittman’s Fancy

The Legion, Corner Brook
Saturday 10 March, 8:00
Elizabeth Bachinsky, Stan Dragland, Matthew Byrne, Adrian Fowler, Alexander MacLeod, Donna Morrissey, Nuala Kennedy Trio, Andrew O’Brien, Dave Paddon, and the “new poet”