Friday, March 1, 2013

I Don't Feel So Good!

How delightful. Some reviews have come in for I Don't Feel So Good. Check them out!

The Georgia Straight, by Jacqueline Turner

The Winnipeg Free Press, by Jonathan Ball

Rob Mclennan's Blog, by Rob McLennan

I'm grateful when people take the time to read, think about, and than actually respond to any of my books, especially when the venues for book reviews are fewer every year. I especially appreciated Jacqueline Turner's comment in The Georgia Straight"Lots of writers would edit back the parts that were less stellar, but Bachinsky’s approach of choosing lines from her journals based on the roll of a die means she forces herself to include everything, and thus her writing seems authentic. The points where lines collide are actually pretty interesting...".  

I think I said exactly the same thing after I  finished writing I Don't Feel So Good: It's actually pretty interesting.... I really wasn't sure what the outcome or effect of the process would be when I started the project, so when the book turned out to be so funny and strangely connected, I was surprised and pleased. 

I also appreciate that Jonathan Ball found the book "hilarious." The book is funny...and I feel like I can say that without sounding like too much of an egotist because I can't really take credit for any funniness that happens. That was all left to chance.

So, if you want to laugh a bit and support a good cause, get yourself a copy of I Don't Feel So Good. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund Society, which supports young artists. We've already raised enough money to send three kids to Summer Jazz Dance Camp at next summer. Right on.

And, just because she's adorable. Here's Lena Dunham, laughing.